The Criticism from Announcing that you Homeschool

I read many books and researched online before I decided to try homeschooling (due to a personal issue that arose). I wanted to teach my daughter successfully and my family were our biggest criticizers the first year we tried it! My family had never really been around many people who were homeschooled and couldn’t imagine why I’d want to go that route.

My family worried most about Arianna not having any friends but whenever we go to a park, a doctor’s office or playground, my daughter is the first to ask if the other child would like to play, so she makes friends, easily. I don’t worry about this and she has a few friends through church, too.

Next, struggle was trying to convince them that she could learn from home. This was proven by her end of year test scores…and that surprised them the most!

This year, our family is quieter about our homeschooling and find some things interesting, even. We have a few criticizers left but most are from friends that are not originally from the US and don’t get the whole reason why we homeschool. Their countries teach about Christ in the schools, where ours don’t, on the normal. We are overcoming our hurdles with leaps and bounds…and we are having fun proving everyone wrong. )

If your family doesn’t support your decision, try finding friends that do or your church family….if not, I’m here to support you. )

How have you dealt with criticism from homeschooling?

What will 2015 bring?

I will learn new things while homeschooling my daughter. We will learn how to cut trees down to build our log cabin. Youtube will try to show me what to do, but my hands will learn the real way by experience. I will feel cold while working in the outdoors, I will feel pain when I hit my finger with the hammer or when my hubby makes a boo boo.

So many worry about wars of the world and forget about wars with self and learning to put God as #1. We fight with our conscience and sometimes we can’t decide what we want but at least we are learning as we go. We are growing as Christians, growing as individuals, growing as souls and also growing as a family. 2015 will bring more love, more sadness, more strength, more hope, forgiveness and we will wonder where time went, if we don’t spend it wisely.

2015 will bring drunk driving accidents and tears but it will bring new babies and marriages, too. There will be crime and terrorism but there is always love and hope and if we pray, we are granted forgiveness. So when making that resolution to lose 20 lbs or to stop smoking/drinking or to get in shape, remember that you can only succeed if Christ comes first in your life and you ask him for his help.

If you don’t know Christ but you want to, leave me a comment and I will help you.

My Beauty Regimen

I am not perfect or even close but I do try to use organic and natural beauty stuff. It’s not for everyone but it works for me.

This is the regimen that I follow every 2-4 weeks. My daily shower is not as intense as my special ones. Approximately, 20-30 minutes prior to showering, I put all natural coconut (organic) oil (I use Lou Ana) in my hair, enough to saturate hair and I spread it all over my skin, too. Coconut oil has numerous uses and many are not food related ( is one link of many), it leaves your hair very soft.

I wash my hair with Coconut water shampoo (organic) and sometimes I use conditioner, sometimes not. I do, however use cholesterol in my hair, when I step out of the shower. A small dab goes a long way and makes my color treated and overly dry hair more manageable.

After I towel dry, my skin and hair are very smooth and soft. No lotion is needed due to the coconut oil. It is well worth the time spent and pampering ourselves for little money is a great thing!

I believe us Mommies need the extra pampering and afterwards we are so much better to be around. )

Christmas Time

I avoided posting at Christmas due to trying teach my child that family time is more important than screen time. We try to put family first above the technology that connects us with the rest of the world….it is weird to me to a degree because when I was little it was only tv time and it was limited to 2-4 hours a day and now we fight to get them to keep it under 6 hours a day of any screen. My children can’t imagine life without internet or computers and we could never have imagined life without tv.

I can imagine what Ben Franklin or even Abraham Lincoln would think of our generation and how lazy we have become due to technology. It’s not all bad but I do see how children and play has changed. It has turned many children into very disturbing little beings. Some are even closer to being little robots than children. That scares me! The children are the future and many can text for hours but can’t hold a conversation in person.

Let me just wind me self back in to the reason for this post….spending time with my family and friends at Christmas was more important than posting to my blog. )

Pot Pie

A new favorite that I came up with the other night that made hubby and daughter go in for seconds.


2 boxes of “Jiffy” corn bread

1 can of cream soup (I used cream of potato)

1 can of milk (soup can)

cooked & cubed chicken (or any meat or leftovers)

mixed veggies or fave veggies

mashed potato flakes

water (just enough to drench the mashed potato flakes)


Preheat oven to 375 or 400.

Mix the corn bread according to directions on the box. Spread in bottom of large baking dish or cake pan.

Add the cream soup and milk.

Add the veggies and meat. Top with mash potato flakes and the water.

Bake until done, partially golden color and potatoes softened. Serve when cooled some.

Teaching Blend Words (example: br, st, ck, sc, dr, etc)

My daughter (Arianna) is behind (statistically) in reading and struggles with many blend words, so I came up with an idea to teach her the blend words and remember them better. This will go along with the worksheets we use, too.

I decided to make our December test (we test each month) a project and it’s our third project this year. She has to make a poster board sized collage using pictures and words that contain blends, using magazines (a good way to re-purpose them). She has to have at least 100 (1 word/picture = 1 point) to get a 100% on her test.

We are advanced enough in history and math that we can skip these on a test this month and get her caught up with reading and let her use her creative juices. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Arianna loves to cut and glue, so this will let her “make a mess” and call it school work.

We had a a day at the playground today, and enroute there I asked her to look around outside and tell me some blend words that she saw. We spotted trees, sticks, grass, etc….this gets her thinking about her surroundings and teaches her while saving paper.

Travel time is a great way to bring up interests and teach them, they aren’t going to walk off, so great for the things they aren’t crazy about or things that are harder for them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Arianna usually ends up asking me more questions in the car than she would at home.

How did you teach blend words? Is there anything you would do different?

Our Homeschool Physical Education

This I worried about at first, but when I figure in learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels or riding ย her scooter or just running around and playing, all can be considered a “gym” class. Arianna plays backyard baseball and soccer with her Daddy and that teaches her skills, too.

I never thought about playground time as phys ed classes, too, but a good friend pointed that out to me, too. And my daughter loves to dance and sing, too! Great exercise and fun, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, she was having playground time, while pretending she was treasure hunting. What a great day she had and she found a few treasures…an old earring and a gold dusting kit (partial one). It was nice to watch her use her imagination and play!

Looming Along (Loom Knitting)

blanket pants (2) socks_newborn 100_6716 hats plastic shopping bag recycler flower with crochet petals Dinosaur hat side view

Dinosaur hats
Dinosaur hats

Ari sweater twin size blanket close up 100_7516 pillow Mermaid skirt and seashell bra that I made for costumeThis is my Adventures in Loom Knitting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I use the round and long looms and a build loom (Michael’s craft store). I got started in January of this year and used Youtube tutorials to get me going and for new ideas, too. There are too many to list, just go to Youtube and type in “loom knitting” and you will find some great videos! ย ๐Ÿ™‚ I started with hats and scarves and have graduated into knitting sweaters for children (and babies) and blankets, and many other great crafts.

Currently, I’m knitting my hubby a sweater, a long process that leaves my smaller looms free, for my imagination to whip something up on a whim, procrastinating the sweater getting done but have been able to get some Christmas gifts out of the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I even, have a teddy bear in the works (on the munchkin’s Christmas list). I will post pictures of both, soon.

If you are interested in buying anything that I’ve made made or want a custom made item, please leave me message and I will get the details from you. Thank you.ย Baby sweater and mittens