Unschool (homeschool) Year Two, second grade, Post 1

We are learning through experience that homeschooling is not “school” at home but learning through life and the different ways of learning are endless. Our first year was crazy and a bit hard for me to adjust, but with help from a friend (also retired teacher), I learned a new way to teach my daughter, Arianna. She caught on faster than I did. 🙂

This year we are doing interest based/kind of Ron Paul(ish). We use the Bible (and a child’s Bible) as our history lesson, along with books and the internet (for now…until we move) to learn about ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Dinosaurs (interest that we dug into). This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ6scuAgVRw&index=13&list=PLEo0jHmdjVS1C-KQcS6NV1BlbXH51C6uo is fantastic for taking a Christian look into dinosaurs. My husband and daughter both enjoyed it, very much and my daughter remembered more from that video than from her workbook. 😉

We study math using free worksheets (themed or seasonal) from other homeschool blogs, worksheet generators, workbooks purchased from Dollar Tree and five below (stores), and we also, use dry erase boards to practice problems and methods to get the same answers.

Spanish is the foreign language we have incorporated into our learning because Daddy is from Guatemala and we want to visit his family within the next five years, so we need to speak their language (Mommy knows some). We use youtube for pronunciation practice, and Daddy, too. We bought a workbook from five below to practice words and get familiar with new ones. We kind of bounce around around on the words, so as not to be pushy.

Science is our FUN subject to study, as Arianna loves experimenting! We try to do an experiment that matches our theme for the month (my way to break up the year) or if we hear of a cool experiment, we try it! Cooking and baking is the other way we get to science work….and we both get our hands on for this….fire and stove/oven-high supervision. We have made frog bread before (studied frog life cycle last year), soft pretzels, cookies, tortillas (favorite at our house), dinner, etc. She learns basic fractions by helping to measure ingredients, so that brings math into everyday learning, too. 🙂

English (Spelling and Reading included) we learn through various methods, too. We read chapter books each month (currently on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens), practice reading labels in the kitchen, books (thrift stores are a great place to stock up), books online, and magazines for children or even catalogs that have things in it that they like.  We are learning the parts of speech, right now and there are many resources that are FREE online to get worksheets or give you ideas to make your own, so we use these. And Mad Libs games are a funny way to practice and have fun with your child!

We do arts and crafts almost everyday and they go with our lesson or holiday or monthly theme. We made a replica of Jamestown in 1607 to go with our history of Virginia lesson. We worked on it together and she remembered more from doing it. We made She made Wizard of Oz characters using toilet paper rolls (cardboard part) when we read the book and she loved the craft! We try to recycle or reuse/re-purpose items as much as we can and school crafts are a fun way to do that. This month we are studying the history of Christian Christmas symbols and we are making a lot of great crafts to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday! Our house looks beautiful!

Music is in my daughter’s sole and if she isn’t dancing, singing or listening to music, than she is either studying, or writing something to sing! She even choreographs her own steps! We also, have found online piano keyboards to practice playing, and that’s fun, too.

Phys ed for Arianna is free play, field trips to parks, health lessons or playing a sport with Daddy! She rides her bike and scooter or takes nature walks, too.

And this brings us up to date with our life. Look for post 2 and coming soon a Winter theme Reading Bingo log!


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