Welcome to my Life

This is all new to me (blogging) and I know things won’t be perfect but with God’s help guiding me in the right path, I will succeed. If you are looking for boring and monotony, turn around and seek somewhere else but if you are seeking Fun, ǝɹnʇuǝʌpɐ, and learning through hands on…..this is going to be a fun place to be!

We just bought new property (completely wooded) to build our dream homestead on, I homeschool my seven year old daughter in an unschool method (mostly, using the Bible and Virginia’s SOL as a base). The fun things I will share are the above mentioned, plus my hobbies; which include loom knitting (blankets, hats, socks, mittens, toys, etc), recycle crafts, baking and cooking from scratch, garage sale/thrift store finds, Special Latino dishes that I love to make or try (husband is Latino) and all the joys of life that are worth sharing.

Let’s put on our smiley faces and pray that God helps us be successful in all that we do! He is the King of Kings and Keeper of my Soul!

Thank you for reading my Welcome Post!


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