Looming Along (Loom Knitting)

blanket pants (2) socks_newborn 100_6716 hats plastic shopping bag recycler flower with crochet petals Dinosaur hat side view

Dinosaur hats
Dinosaur hats

Ari sweater twin size blanket close up 100_7516 pillow Mermaid skirt and seashell bra that I made for costumeThis is my Adventures in Loom Knitting! 🙂 I use the round and long looms and a build loom (Michael’s craft store). I got started in January of this year and used Youtube tutorials to get me going and for new ideas, too. There are too many to list, just go to Youtube and type in “loom knitting” and you will find some great videos!  🙂 I started with hats and scarves and have graduated into knitting sweaters for children (and babies) and blankets, and many other great crafts.

Currently, I’m knitting my hubby a sweater, a long process that leaves my smaller looms free, for my imagination to whip something up on a whim, procrastinating the sweater getting done but have been able to get some Christmas gifts out of the way. 😉 I even, have a teddy bear in the works (on the munchkin’s Christmas list). I will post pictures of both, soon.

If you are interested in buying anything that I’ve made made or want a custom made item, please leave me message and I will get the details from you. Thank you. Baby sweater and mittens


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