Teaching Blend Words (example: br, st, ck, sc, dr, etc)

My daughter (Arianna) is behind (statistically) in reading and struggles with many blend words, so I came up with an idea to teach her the blend words and remember them better. This will go along with the worksheets we use, too.

I decided to make our December test (we test each month) a project and it’s our third project this year. She has to make a poster board sized collage using pictures and words that contain blends, using magazines (a good way to re-purpose them). She has to have at least 100 (1 word/picture = 1 point) to get a 100% on her test.

We are advanced enough in history and math that we can skip these on a test this month and get her caught up with reading and let her use her creative juices. 🙂  Arianna loves to cut and glue, so this will let her “make a mess” and call it school work.

We had a a day at the playground today, and enroute there I asked her to look around outside and tell me some blend words that she saw. We spotted trees, sticks, grass, etc….this gets her thinking about her surroundings and teaches her while saving paper.

Travel time is a great way to bring up interests and teach them, they aren’t going to walk off, so great for the things they aren’t crazy about or things that are harder for them. 🙂 Arianna usually ends up asking me more questions in the car than she would at home.

How did you teach blend words? Is there anything you would do different?


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