Christmas Time

I avoided posting at Christmas due to trying teach my child that family time is more important than screen time. We try to put family first above the technology that connects us with the rest of the world….it is weird to me to a degree because when I was little it was only tv time and it was limited to 2-4 hours a day and now we fight to get them to keep it under 6 hours a day of any screen. My children can’t imagine life without internet or computers and we could never have imagined life without tv.

I can imagine what Ben Franklin or even Abraham Lincoln would think of our generation and how lazy we have become due to technology. It’s not all bad but I do see how children and play has changed. It has turned many children into very disturbing little beings. Some are even closer to being little robots than children. That scares me! The children are the future and many can text for hours but can’t hold a conversation in person.

Let me just wind me self back in to the reason for this post….spending time with my family and friends at Christmas was more important than posting to my blog. )


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