My Beauty Regimen

I am not perfect or even close but I do try to use organic and natural beauty stuff. It’s not for everyone but it works for me.

This is the regimen that I follow every 2-4 weeks. My daily shower is not as intense as my special ones. Approximately, 20-30 minutes prior to showering, I put all natural coconut (organic) oil (I use Lou Ana) in my hair, enough to saturate hair and I spread it all over my skin, too. Coconut oil has numerous uses and many are not food related ( is one link of many), it leaves your hair very soft.

I wash my hair with Coconut water shampoo (organic) and sometimes I use conditioner, sometimes not. I do, however use cholesterol in my hair, when I step out of the shower. A small dab goes a long way and makes my color treated and overly dry hair more manageable.

After I towel dry, my skin and hair are very smooth and soft. No lotion is needed due to the coconut oil. It is well worth the time spent and pampering ourselves for little money is a great thing!

I believe us Mommies need the extra pampering and afterwards we are so much better to be around. )


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