The Criticism from Announcing that you Homeschool

I read many books and researched online before I decided to try homeschooling (due to a personal issue that arose). I wanted to teach my daughter successfully and my family were our biggest criticizers the first year we tried it! My family had never really been around many people who were homeschooled and couldn’t imagine why I’d want to go that route.

My family worried most about Arianna not having any friends but whenever we go to a park, a doctor’s office or playground, my daughter is the first to ask if the other child would like to play, so she makes friends, easily. I don’t worry about this and she has a few friends through church, too.

Next, struggle was trying to convince them that she could learn from home. This was proven by her end of year test scores…and that surprised them the most!

This year, our family is quieter about our homeschooling and find some things interesting, even. We have a few criticizers left but most are from friends that are not originally from the US and don’t get the whole reason why we homeschool. Their countries teach about Christ in the schools, where ours don’t, on the normal. We are overcoming our hurdles with leaps and bounds…and we are having fun proving everyone wrong. )

If your family doesn’t support your decision, try finding friends that do or your church family….if not, I’m here to support you. )

How have you dealt with criticism from homeschooling?


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