What will 2015 bring?

I will learn new things while homeschooling my daughter. We will learn how to cut trees down to build our log cabin. Youtube will try to show me what to do, but my hands will learn the real way by experience. I will feel cold while working in the outdoors, I will feel pain when I hit my finger with the hammer or when my hubby makes a boo boo.

So many worry about wars of the world and forget about wars with self and learning to put God as #1. We fight with our conscience and sometimes we can’t decide what we want but at least we are learning as we go. We are growing as Christians, growing as individuals, growing as souls and also growing as a family. 2015 will bring more love, more sadness, more strength, more hope, forgiveness and we will wonder where time went, if we don’t spend it wisely.

2015 will bring drunk driving accidents and tears but it will bring new babies and marriages, too. There will be crime and terrorism but there is always love and hope and if we pray, we are granted forgiveness. So when making that resolution to lose 20 lbs or to stop smoking/drinking or to get in shape, remember that you can only succeed if Christ comes first in your life and you ask him for his help.

If you don’t know Christ but you want to, leave me a comment and I will help you.


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