Ancient China…….Teaching it

What do we know about China? I anticipate this answer from my daughter. I know a lot more than I did and hope to learn even more. I chose January to teach it due to the Chinese New Year coming up (this year a bit later…Feb, but great time to learn). My daughter loves animals, like her Mommy and I’m sure will try desperately to match up each year with a family member or friend. If this is the attention grabber, than even better, but I have a few planned. I LOVE Pinterest and all the ideas that you can find there!chnsdrgn

I printed templates for money envelopes, found some of our red construction paper and traced and cut…the red money envelopes. Then I printed Chinese play money to add to the envelopes ($8 is lucky but it cannot be $4+$4). This will be fun practice day to learn about printed money and printing presses.

What animal comes to mind when you mention China? panda-bear-eating-leavesPanda Bear, exactly! What a great way to learn about the Panda and China in a day or two. I found some cool readings and a worksheet on it (also learning about the Panda can be a science lesson).

China is responsible for the Decimal system math-notebookand this would be a good way to review money lessons and learn about decimals.  If you are learning fractions you could translate your fractions to decimals? Depends on how well your child grasps these concepts.

The other fun activity I have planned is designing a dragon kite. Kites are from China, too and dragons are big in their New Year’s celebrations, so combining the two will get Arianna’s attention, for sure!kites-flying

I will be using some handwriting lessons and English lessons to fill in gaps of “fun” things about China and we will use our maps to locate China and how far China is to Virginia or how far it is to Paris. We have a quilted map set (USA and world) that we use for hands on map time.

I found coloring pages of China and important monuments, sports, etc, they are in French but I translated them, as they were too amazing to turn away from. There is a temple, a ship, the Great Wall, and two more pages. Coloring is fun to my daughter and I can supplement it into a road trip learning experience, if need be.

By the way, if you want to impress the pizza lover in your family….pizza was first made in China, not Italy!

How did you teach ancient China? Or plan to teach it?

Coming in February, Ancient India!


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