….And then the Request to Learn Poetry….

Ah, yes, we can learn poetry and we are going to make poems about you and your body and for Valentine’s Day. You are going to write a book about you, too. Wow, Mom! I love writing books!    funky-pink-heart

I have caught an interest and this just a few hours after hearing I don’t want to do school anymore. The idea of school is scary but the break down to what we are going to do is exciting, especially when she heard we were going to learn new shapes and get a break from adding and subtracting. The number break is good for both of us. I just need to make a geoboard to practice symmetry and geometry.pink-colored-pencil

The geoboard will be fun for car rides, too and when she wants to play. Telling her that it is a tool for learning, just like our Bingo game, may take some fun out of it, but maybe not. I, often will be cleaning the bathroom and come into the kitchen to see her playing Bingo by herself. I let her play the way she wants cause it makes her happy and she is learning by play.

I try teaching by interest but she normally doesn’t give me many ideas. Our science lessons this month are going to be on the human body and caring for it. girl-scientist-with-frog  I can add fashion, gymnastics, dance, and singing to these lessons to catch her attention and still have worthy lessons that will teach her what she needs to know.

We are going to start A Little Princess as our chapter book and discuss Princesses in real life, too. There are many real life princesses and I have bookmarked a few pages to go to when we get to the research part of it. Arianna is my little Princess and usually tells many this. little-girl-reading-a-book    🙂

The poem we wrote together tonight was “Catch my heart in the sun, All day long”. Short and sweet but a good way to spend a few minutes waiting on Daddy to finish work, and to make my daughter smile! She wrote the first part and I the second and her face lit up….  Nothing better. 🙂

Has your child requested something that may have caught you off guard? Do you teach interest based learning? Why or why not?

Until next time, may God bless you!


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