Reading as a Separate Subject

We do reading as a subject all of its own and we read from chapter books, as part of our lessons. Then I have my daughter read to me from an easy reader or a newspaper, magazine or catalog. This shows me she is picking up new words as we go along. two-kids-reading-together

We usually pick either classics or harder chapter books meant for older children. Right now, we are reading A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. My daughter loves princesses and this shows that princesses have feelings, too. So far, I, too, am enjoying the book, too!

I just recently bought magnet sentence creators and this has become a new hit! The refrigerator has so much space for creating descriptive sentences and she gets to read them, too, and more importantly show me the ones that excite her the most! What better way to learn to read and have fun? (Magnetic Wordplay- Sentence Fun, word fun magnetic learning kit)I bought it at five below for $3.00…great bargain!

What do you read? little-girl-reading-a-book Do you teach reading as a separate subject or as a part of English class? Does your child like chapter books or just children’s books?


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