An Update on my Geoboard and our geometry lessons

geoboard 2 Our Geoboard is 8×11 ($2.49) and was painted Gypsy Pink (AC Moores for $0.59) by my daughter (fun art project). Then I added tacks. I ran out and had to buy more (Family Dollar – tacks $0.50 for 50 tacks). All said and done this cost me roughly $7.00 to make, as the cost of 2 lbs of rubber bands cost $1.99.

Glad I made it and not bought a cheap plastic one. Oh, by the way. I used graph paper to line up the holes and I printed the graph paper off the internet and paid nothing. Then after all the tacks are in place came the annoying part of taking the graph paper off (easy but tedious).

The first night, I gave it her and she asked what to do, and off she went for a few hours of play. She said it was fun and came back with the board covered in rubber band shapes. She said it was something she was glad that we made. Yeah points for Mom!

Today we did our first Math lesson with it and she did well except with the diamond. She draws it well and recognizes it but can’t get the rubber bands to cooperate. The other shape was the hexagon. She made one but the sides weren’t even. I told her that was ok because as long as it has 6 sides, I figure she has the idea. geoboard

Have you mastered geometry and symmetry? Did you buy or make geoboards? How well did your child do learning all of the wonderful shapes around us?

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