Life’s Curve Balls and Hurdles

Ever feel like life throws you more curve balls and hurdles than you think you can handle? I sure do! This month has been a huge exam for us. Our marriage has been tested along with my sanity! I know God is on my side or I’d have thrown in the towel, awhile ago!

Sometimes change isn’t easy to accept and sometimes losing something to gain in other areas is a big test that needs passing to get through the mundane of life. We were unable to get our property and I was crushed beyond what I thought I could handle. I was angry at the world, at God, at my family for weeks and wanted to just leave, but after finally opening up and talking to my husband, we worked it out. We have to downsize some and I have to find a job, at least part time, and then we can get our dream land back.

It’s not that I’m unreasonable…more like challenged in the patience area. My husband and I have never owned our own property and never had much but we always have had what we need, so this is a dream that we are determined to make happen.

Another curve ball thrown our way, and an adult child of mine is struggling and we are in the plans of moving her down here to be with us. This is going to be hard on us, but good too, we pray. We pray this will help her to make better choices, if she gets away from some undesirable people in her life. It will keep us on our toes but my littlest one is excited to have a sister closer to home.

A crashing curve ball is that we are going to have to get rid of my Baby- our truck and get a cheaper vehicle, this is just until we get two incomes and build up my credit. This is another heartbreaker but well understood one. This was easier to accept than the land. We have found a car that we can afford and even after putting some money into it, still better off than our truck.

We have overcome these hurdles through prayer and tears and more prayers and tears, but we have worked through them TOGETHER, as a team, as husband and wife should.

Marriage is not always a bowl of cherries. Some may go into it thinking that but those that stick around reap the benefits of working through the rough patches. We have been at the door of ready to say the big “D” word but with God’s help and our belief that marriage is forever, we came back. We struggle but we stay in the one thing that we love….our marriage; our love for each other keeps us going!  God gave us the gift of marriage and some treat it as a stepping stone to the next “hot” spot or something but those who truly love God and their spouse, will work through it.

The tests we get in life are NOT from God but Satan who wants to see us fail and fail miserably! Do you think he cares if we cry or if our hearts break? NAH! He just chalks us up as another notch on his belt. He lost his tests with us and he probably had us bagged as notches but found out that we are tough cookies not to play with! When Satan throws you that curve ball and you are already down….PRAY and communicate with your spouse. Don’t let Satan make you another notch on his belt!

Thanks for following my blog and in life, I hope you follow Jesus! ❤


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