Test Days

Some days are easy to get my daughter motivated for testing, others, like today, are awful. I used to let her decide the day she wanted to test but now realize that this teaches her a life lesson, as well. There are times that we as adults have to do things that we dislike doing, but we can’t opt out of them just because we want to.

Today’s test may result in a poor grade but she will learn that next time I tell her to study, I mean it. We studied clothing in Spanish and spent hours on it and this test Spanish isn’t bonus questions. She is failing this section because she wants to play and not take the test.

It is very good that I don’t set a time limit on the test or she would have only had part of it done. How do you motivate your children for tests? Do you test between sections?

I didn’t test last year but this school year, we have broken it down to sections

and I test to get her grasp on learning the materials. She has done very well, up to today. I feel horrible being so strict with her today but we need to get this test out of the way so I can move on with the new stuff. Do you ever feel like the “mean teacher/mom”? How do you cope with it?

I think maybe her December test being a project made her lazy for this test. She made a Blend poster collage using magazine words and pictures. She struggled really badly with blend words and this taught her that blends were all around her.

Maybe next month, I can make the test smaller. It’s just we covered so much this month and it’s all things she has to know for end of year testing. I want to make sure she does well for that “big” test. Although, we will review things, I just want her to move ahead in the things she needs and make it easier for her later, when the weather will be 70s and 80s and getting her to pay attention will be harder.

Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated! I’m a first time homeschool mom and love advice, comments, and strategies to keep us going! May God bless you all! ❤

BTW….with bonuses, she did well! She just finished…4 hours! Next time, I’m setting a time limit and I told her so. Our test days are normally test and rest days. 🙂


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