Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day! My little Valentine gave me my chocolates and card before the sun arose and I was still fast asleep. I somehow opened it without being awake. Lol! I thanked her later. She also, made me some extremely strong coffee and toast for breakfast. These are the moments that I will cherish and look back on when she is all grown up.

We were going to do a lesson on Valentine’s Day but her sweetness has spilled over and she gave the neighbors valentines, so I’m letting her take the day off to cherish the day. We did do a Biblical lesson on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, so she could get a sense how important love is and her love for God and the Bible is so strong that I feel obligated to keep it going, as to keep her headed in the right direction. What parent wouldn’t want their child to go to Heaven? I suppose the ones who don’t know Christ, the way we do, but that just lets us know that we must continue to spread the love and his Word with others. John 3:16 has to be the strongest sense of love there is. For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY son to die for our sins! What love that truly is! Could you do that? I know I couldn’t. I try to love as God loves but find it very hard, so many times. It’s a struggle to love that way and it is one I continue to strive for.

Enjoy your day with those you love and pray for those who don’t know love or feel love. Pray for those who haven’t accepted Jesus into their hearts or know his name. Love to all and prayers! ❤ ❤ ❤


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