Snow Day

I think a snow day has lots of potential for learning, especially for children in the South, who don’t have sleds and snow toys. My daughter came up with all sorts of ideas to make a sled. She ended up using a cooler lid but it’s too deep to go well.

We used warm water, an empty dish liquid bottle and food coloring to make SNOW PAINT. Always fun to make colorful snowmen and practice writing in the snow (handwriting with a twist and practice for sight words). Children are geniuses when it comes to fun and not getting snow much brings out their creativity, after months of boredom and schoolwork.

All children need a break and since every other child had a day off, in our area, I saw fit to do the same. Arianna has been out dozens of times since 8am and has come back in each time with reddened cheeks and hands. The joy of being a child and playing in the fluffy, white creation we call snow is worth more than a lesson the States say our children must learn.

I remember endless hours of upstate NY winters, where I was born and raised. We had many sleds and still found other things to make it more interesting. We made ramps that would send us soaring and bump down hard on our non suspecting tailbones (didn’t hurt then, but now….) and we would choose steep hills to see who could go the fastest and farthest without jumping off. It’s a wonder our mothers never had heart failure watching us. Of course, when we got a bit older, we would get out of Mom’s sight and brave more treacherous trails with our cousins and my oldest cousin would call us babies if we didn’t go along, so we often came home with cut, scrapes and bruises but no tears and no explanations. The good old days….

What do you or did you enjoy about the snow and snow days? Do you have snow days? Do you teach science? Do you make snow cones? We do….well, she does. She is having a kool-aid flavored snow cone, right now and enjoying every drop.

Prayers to all those who lost power and are dealing with the ice.


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