Preparing for the Closing Date

Surprise! Surprise! The property that we were going to get is still available and we are going to have the closing in April and I’m very excited!

There is so much to do and get ready for the move. After the move, I’ll be limited to internet time but will have time to come up with blog ideas.

We have to buy a camper trailer that has enough space for a family of three to live in for a year or two, while we build our home and we have to downsize what we own, somewhat or build a huge shed for everything.

I’m glad that God has taught me patience and that patience does pay off. Patience is my greatest struggle, next to forgiveness. I have learned to forgive more than I can be patient, but I keep both of these in my prayers as I know that I am FAR from mastering these qualities.

We are buying 6.2 acres of land with water on running through the property and some great selection of wood. We are close to a major river (James) and about 20 minutes from a smaller city. We would like to build a log cabin, by ourselves and live in the camper until its completed.

We plan to raise chickens, rabbits, geese, sheep, cows, and a horse (because Unicorns are nowhere to be found). And we are going to have a few dogs and cats, too. We are animal type people and want to raise them for food, comfort, and fun.

Gardening and canning will be done on our homestead, as well. And we will try to import some native to Guatemala plants, to try and raise here, too (hubby is from there). I intend to dehydrate, what I can’t can. Freezer space will be limited so either canned or dried will be a must. This in the long run will save us a lot of money.

   My spirits have been lifted by this news and was another reason for being away from blogging.


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