Garden Time?


I have been around gardening my whole life but this will be our first family garden in our new property, so hopefully we get some good veggies and fruit. I have canning planned and some dehydrating, too.

We chose these together: tomatoes (we use a lot of these), watermelon, hot peppers (mostly for Daddy), squash, marigolds (keeps pests away), sweet corn (a few varieties), radishes, cucumbers (plan on pickling this year), strawberries, lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers, pumpkins, and some herbs, too (my memory is on vacation today. lol).

Sunflowers were chosen by our daughter, who absolutely loves them and loves to feed the wild animals, so this way the birds will not starve, this winter. They are a beautiful flower, especially if you look at a field of them together. Maybe we can get some fun photo ops with them, later.

Our garden is mostly going to be used to sustain our family but if we have extras, we plan to sell at a roadside stand or to a local restaurant. Maybe this year or next, we will be completely sustainable for vegetables and fruit. I really want to buy fruit trees and line the property lines with them (great borders and edible), and would like to try peaches, apples, a couple of lemons, cherry, and maybe a plum tree. Also, would like to try (probably a few years from now) to grow a few rows of grapes, and some raspberry bushes. We are in a good area for grapes, but not sure of the cost of starting them. Hubby and I both have experience working with them, so we could keep them alive and bear fruit, but it will depend on start up costs and things, s to whether we do much with these.

We would rather have more garden than lawn, so we will see how this year and next goes for us. Follow us along our journey as we begin to unfold a new adventure.

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