It is Ours

I must share this, as it made my day, yesterday. It is one of those times that you can and will remember always……drumroll, please. ……We closed on our property, yesterday! This is a dream come true, for me! Hubby is excited, but not like I am. Our daughter is happy for the new fun but sad for no internet, no dish network, no Domino’s delivery service and not much cleared space for riding bike, yet.

We will have room to run, play, get pets, build treehouses, swim (have a small creek), watch animals in their natural habitat (part of 3rd grade science curriculum) and learn to leave a smaller carbon footprint (live more sustainable). We repurpose items, now, so we can challenge ourselves with more repurposing of items.

Ours….what a sweet ring to that word and our property. just went a dream to reality! ❤ God is a Wonderful God and I thank him for helping us to acquire what we need to make our dream come true!

So now, the journey begins in the outdoors…..clearing and cleaning to place out trailer.

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