It is Ours

I must share this, as it made my day, yesterday. It is one of those times that you can and will remember always……drumroll, please. ……We closed on our property, yesterday! This is a dream come true, for me! Hubby is excited, but not like I am. Our daughter is happy for the new fun but sad for no internet, no dish network, no Domino’s delivery service and not much cleared space for riding bike, yet.

We will have room to run, play, get pets, build treehouses, swim (have a small creek), watch animals in their natural habitat (part of 3rd grade science curriculum) and learn to leave a smaller carbon footprint (live more sustainable). We repurpose items, now, so we can challenge ourselves with more repurposing of items.

Ours….what a sweet ring to that word and our property. just went a dream to reality! ❤ God is a Wonderful God and I thank him for helping us to acquire what we need to make our dream come true!

So now, the journey begins in the outdoors…..clearing and cleaning to place out trailer.

Garden Time?


I have been around gardening my whole life but this will be our first family garden in our new property, so hopefully we get some good veggies and fruit. I have canning planned and some dehydrating, too.

We chose these together: tomatoes (we use a lot of these), watermelon, hot peppers (mostly for Daddy), squash, marigolds (keeps pests away), sweet corn (a few varieties), radishes, cucumbers (plan on pickling this year), strawberries, lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers, pumpkins, and some herbs, too (my memory is on vacation today. lol).

Sunflowers were chosen by our daughter, who absolutely loves them and loves to feed the wild animals, so this way the birds will not starve, this winter. They are a beautiful flower, especially if you look at a field of them together. Maybe we can get some fun photo ops with them, later.

Our garden is mostly going to be used to sustain our family but if we have extras, we plan to sell at a roadside stand or to a local restaurant. Maybe this year or next, we will be completely sustainable for vegetables and fruit. I really want to buy fruit trees and line the property lines with them (great borders and edible), and would like to try peaches, apples, a couple of lemons, cherry, and maybe a plum tree. Also, would like to try (probably a few years from now) to grow a few rows of grapes, and some raspberry bushes. We are in a good area for grapes, but not sure of the cost of starting them. Hubby and I both have experience working with them, so we could keep them alive and bear fruit, but it will depend on start up costs and things, s to whether we do much with these.

We would rather have more garden than lawn, so we will see how this year and next goes for us. Follow us along our journey as we begin to unfold a new adventure.

We Joined Facebook

You can “Like on Facebook and check us out there but to be totally honest with you, I rarely use Facebook. I think it wastes my time more than anything else in life. I will go there to post pics for family and to check my messages. Sometimes I check out my homesteading and homeschooling groups (belong to a few).

The link for this page is here:

I added the page today and it links back to the blog (hopefully it works), so hope that we get more followers and hope to hear more advice, too.

May God bless you all and enjoy the beautiful day that God has given us!

Preparing for the Closing Date

Surprise! Surprise! The property that we were going to get is still available and we are going to have the closing in April and I’m very excited!

There is so much to do and get ready for the move. After the move, I’ll be limited to internet time but will have time to come up with blog ideas.

We have to buy a camper trailer that has enough space for a family of three to live in for a year or two, while we build our home and we have to downsize what we own, somewhat or build a huge shed for everything.

I’m glad that God has taught me patience and that patience does pay off. Patience is my greatest struggle, next to forgiveness. I have learned to forgive more than I can be patient, but I keep both of these in my prayers as I know that I am FAR from mastering these qualities.

We are buying 6.2 acres of land with water on running through the property and some great selection of wood. We are close to a major river (James) and about 20 minutes from a smaller city. We would like to build a log cabin, by ourselves and live in the camper until its completed.

We plan to raise chickens, rabbits, geese, sheep, cows, and a horse (because Unicorns are nowhere to be found). And we are going to have a few dogs and cats, too. We are animal type people and want to raise them for food, comfort, and fun.

Gardening and canning will be done on our homestead, as well. And we will try to import some native to Guatemala plants, to try and raise here, too (hubby is from there). I intend to dehydrate, what I can’t can. Freezer space will be limited so either canned or dried will be a must. This in the long run will save us a lot of money.

   My spirits have been lifted by this news and was another reason for being away from blogging.

Teaching Life Skills, even when You don’t Remember it

Sometimes I forget the whole reason that I homeschool, other than the fact that the Bible isn’t taught in schools, and I get caught up thinking my daughter isn’t learning if we aren’t using worksheets or books. Then I get a little push from God telling me what I’m teaching her doesn’t always need to come from books and “school” stuff. We do many things together and travel without calling the trips “field trips” but they really are.

We travel to Georgia, often, by car, and the sights she sees are learning experiences, even if we don’t stop to inspect them closely. She has learned what mile markers are and how to tell distance using them. She knows that our gas up point is a little more than halfway to our destination. Also, she knows that where we gas up is a state that sells fireworks, and that not all states do sell them. Some adults don’t even know this.

She knows that the Mall of Georgia is in Buford, GA and that it has over 200 stores. Maybe not on a test but if a friend asked her where to go in Georgia, she would send them there. Steaks and Shakes, a restaurant franchise exclusive to Georgia is a restaurant we frequent and she is aware that it isn’t in any other states. These seem small but when you figure the places we travel, all together, she is accumulating a lot of knowledge.

We love camping and fishing, too. She knows how to setup a tent, with help. She can bait a worm, but chooses not to, and catch a fish. Arianna is very helpful when camping and she knows how to start a campfire but also the dangers of fire. She has a survival backpack that she knows how to use if needed and she helped to pack it. The importance of this backpack can range from lost in the woods to earthquake, fire, storms, or manmade disasters. We believe in being prepared.

We teach our daughter money management, too and Arianna is very bright! She opened her own savings account, without being asked to or pleaded with. She has under $5.00 in it but she has one just the same.

Time management we all learn everyday by the chores we do around the house and the things we would like to do are scheduled around the needs of the day. We manage this without a schedule….somehow. Lol.

Sharing, caring, taking turns and following directions are also being taught and our kids never see us teach them these as a skill but learn them regardless, as long as we are showing them and teaching them the way God wants us to. Friendships teach these skills, too, and friendships show how to work as a team, too, so do families that work together to make a project a reality.

Household basics are taught through chores and even getting the mail from the box (also learn to cross the road). Organization is picked up while picking up toys and putting away clean laundry, sorting dirty from clean, too.

I am teaching life skills, even if I’m not at my desk with my mouth speaking on a subject of study. She may not comprehend that she is learning something but it is being learned. And manners are learned, especially yes Ma’am and no Ma’am, along with please and thank you. We live in Virginia and Ma’am and Sir are respectful terms that we expect our child to learn, so I use them, too, in business calls, so she can hear the importance of using them. Respect is high in my book of life skills and I expect that my children respect me and others. This lesson can only be learned at home.

Do you ever feel like you forgot to teach this day or that? Remember that a life skill was learned even without either of you realizing it. God blesses us with these gifts, too.

Blog Titles

Sometimes I think what can I write about that isn’t already been done a hundred times and this is what I’ve been working on lately. I promise by the end of today, that I will come up with at least 2 blog posts for today and 2 for this next week. One will be on the Solar System (next unit to study) and may try to squeeze a Lakota Indian post in, too.

My mind is alive and just life has kept me busy. The property ….surprise! Wait…

See you later today for updates!

Snow Day

I think a snow day has lots of potential for learning, especially for children in the South, who don’t have sleds and snow toys. My daughter came up with all sorts of ideas to make a sled. She ended up using a cooler lid but it’s too deep to go well.

We used warm water, an empty dish liquid bottle and food coloring to make SNOW PAINT. Always fun to make colorful snowmen and practice writing in the snow (handwriting with a twist and practice for sight words). Children are geniuses when it comes to fun and not getting snow much brings out their creativity, after months of boredom and schoolwork.

All children need a break and since every other child had a day off, in our area, I saw fit to do the same. Arianna has been out dozens of times since 8am and has come back in each time with reddened cheeks and hands. The joy of being a child and playing in the fluffy, white creation we call snow is worth more than a lesson the States say our children must learn.

I remember endless hours of upstate NY winters, where I was born and raised. We had many sleds and still found other things to make it more interesting. We made ramps that would send us soaring and bump down hard on our non suspecting tailbones (didn’t hurt then, but now….) and we would choose steep hills to see who could go the fastest and farthest without jumping off. It’s a wonder our mothers never had heart failure watching us. Of course, when we got a bit older, we would get out of Mom’s sight and brave more treacherous trails with our cousins and my oldest cousin would call us babies if we didn’t go along, so we often came home with cut, scrapes and bruises but no tears and no explanations. The good old days….

What do you or did you enjoy about the snow and snow days? Do you have snow days? Do you teach science? Do you make snow cones? We do….well, she does. She is having a kool-aid flavored snow cone, right now and enjoying every drop.

Prayers to all those who lost power and are dealing with the ice.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day! My little Valentine gave me my chocolates and card before the sun arose and I was still fast asleep. I somehow opened it without being awake. Lol! I thanked her later. She also, made me some extremely strong coffee and toast for breakfast. These are the moments that I will cherish and look back on when she is all grown up.

We were going to do a lesson on Valentine’s Day but her sweetness has spilled over and she gave the neighbors valentines, so I’m letting her take the day off to cherish the day. We did do a Biblical lesson on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, so she could get a sense how important love is and her love for God and the Bible is so strong that I feel obligated to keep it going, as to keep her headed in the right direction. What parent wouldn’t want their child to go to Heaven? I suppose the ones who don’t know Christ, the way we do, but that just lets us know that we must continue to spread the love and his Word with others. John 3:16 has to be the strongest sense of love there is. For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY son to die for our sins! What love that truly is! Could you do that? I know I couldn’t. I try to love as God loves but find it very hard, so many times. It’s a struggle to love that way and it is one I continue to strive for.

Enjoy your day with those you love and pray for those who don’t know love or feel love. Pray for those who haven’t accepted Jesus into their hearts or know his name. Love to all and prayers! ❤ ❤ ❤

Test Days

Some days are easy to get my daughter motivated for testing, others, like today, are awful. I used to let her decide the day she wanted to test but now realize that this teaches her a life lesson, as well. There are times that we as adults have to do things that we dislike doing, but we can’t opt out of them just because we want to.

Today’s test may result in a poor grade but she will learn that next time I tell her to study, I mean it. We studied clothing in Spanish and spent hours on it and this test Spanish isn’t bonus questions. She is failing this section because she wants to play and not take the test.

It is very good that I don’t set a time limit on the test or she would have only had part of it done. How do you motivate your children for tests? Do you test between sections?

I didn’t test last year but this school year, we have broken it down to sections

and I test to get her grasp on learning the materials. She has done very well, up to today. I feel horrible being so strict with her today but we need to get this test out of the way so I can move on with the new stuff. Do you ever feel like the “mean teacher/mom”? How do you cope with it?

I think maybe her December test being a project made her lazy for this test. She made a Blend poster collage using magazine words and pictures. She struggled really badly with blend words and this taught her that blends were all around her.

Maybe next month, I can make the test smaller. It’s just we covered so much this month and it’s all things she has to know for end of year testing. I want to make sure she does well for that “big” test. Although, we will review things, I just want her to move ahead in the things she needs and make it easier for her later, when the weather will be 70s and 80s and getting her to pay attention will be harder.

Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated! I’m a first time homeschool mom and love advice, comments, and strategies to keep us going! May God bless you all! ❤

BTW….with bonuses, she did well! She just finished…4 hours! Next time, I’m setting a time limit and I told her so. Our test days are normally test and rest days. 🙂