Pot Pie

A new favorite that I came up with the other night that made hubby and daughter go in for seconds.


2 boxes of “Jiffy” corn bread

1 can of cream soup (I used cream of potato)

1 can of milk (soup can)

cooked & cubed chicken (or any meat or leftovers)

mixed veggies or fave veggies

mashed potato flakes

water (just enough to drench the mashed potato flakes)


Preheat oven to 375 or 400.

Mix the corn bread according to directions on the box. Spread in bottom of large baking dish or cake pan.

Add the cream soup and milk.

Add the veggies and meat. Top with mash potato flakes and the water.

Bake until done, partially golden color and potatoes softened. Serve when cooled some.


Maseca corn flour

warm to hot water (tap water) (amount of water is listed in directions on flour bag)

pinch or two of salt

You will NOT need a spoon for this. Combine all ingredients with your hands. Mix it well until you get a dough form. If it seems to dry, add more water.

roll into balls (smaller than golf balls)

Heat a skillet or fry pan on the stove, highest temp, NO oil in pan

We use a tortilla press but you can use 2 small saucer size plates to flatten into round circles, not too thin.

After pan/skillet is hot, place tortillas ¬†on/in pan and brown on each side (they don’t really brown but dry and you can tell when they are done)

Serve warm.

Crock pot (slow cooker) Chili

chili seasoning (any grocery store)

Dry red kidney or black beans

tomato sauce or 2 jars of canned stewed tomatoes

green chiles (little spice but not too hot)

ground beef or any leftover meat

Throw it all in and add enough water to saturate the dry beans (I usually add 2 big drinking glasses of water). Season to your liking and set on low. Stirring occasionally, if you want, but not necessary.

It is done when the beans are tender. I put mine on in AM and it’s finished around 6-7pm. I serve it with either cornbread or homemade tortillas.